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1   Link   ABA Blog
Shelf Fulfillment - the ABA's own blog
2   Link   Aldine
Rebecca Romney (Bauman Rare Books)
3   Link   Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America
The blog of our American colleagues in the ABAA
4   Link   AVOA Ltd.
Manuscripts, Rare Books & Old Masters
5   Link   Simon Beattie
The Books You Never Knew You Wanted
6   Link   Becoming a Bookseller
Chatelaine of my own Paper Palace - Pinda Bryars (Tim Bryars Ltd).
7   Link   Between the Covers
Thoughts from Tom Congalton and others of New Jersey
8   Link   Biblioblography - Ongoing Adventures of a Rare Book Dealer
From Brian Cassidy of Silver Spring, Maryland
9   Link   Bibliodeviancy
Book lust unbound - from Jonathan Kearns of of Adrian Harrington
10   Link   Bibliophagist - Consuming Rare Books
Garrett Scott - Ann Arbor
11   Link   Book Hunter's Holiday
Chris Lowenstein - California
12   Link   The Bookhunter on Safari
Laurence Worms (Ash Rare Books) - formerly The President on Safari
13   Link   The Bookman's Log
Greg Gibson of the Ten Pound Island Book Co., Massachusetts
14   Link   Book Patrol
A Haven for Book Culture - from Michael Lieberman of Seattle
15   Link   Bookselling in Chiswick
Stephen Foster - Things that occur while going about our bookselling business
16   Link   Booktryst
A Nest for Book Lovers - from Stephen J. Gertz of Los Angeles
17   Link   Ádám Bősze's New Blog
Thoughts from Budapest
18   Link   Bromer Booksellers
Books @ Bromer
19   Link   The Cataloguer's Desk
Dispatches from a Rare Book Shop: Peter Harrington in London
20   Link   Classic Rare Books
Antique Books - a London bookshop blog
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Chelsea FairThe 24th Chelsea Book Fair will be held at the Old Town Hall, King’s Road, London on 7-8 November 2014.

The Chelsea fair has become a strong fixture in the November calendar for book collectors and dealers. Warmer than Boston, more intimate than York, less formal than Paris – Chelsea has it all.

For more information visit: www.chelseabookfair.com

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F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby (1925)