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2018 Annual UK Bookbinding Competition Winners


The 2018 Annual UK Bookbinding Competition run by Designer Bookbinders aims to encourage professionals, amateurs and students to produce originally designed and well bound books, and to give them the opportunity to exhibit their technical and artistic skills.

This year a wide variety of designs was submitted, ranging from space scenes to ladybirds in jars.  The level of creativity and abilities present in these candidates reflects the enduring talent that exists within the bookbinding community.  The Designer Bookbinders Competition has allowed the discovery of many fine and talented bookbinders, and is a key facet in the continuation of the historic art form.

The ABA awarded four Highly Commended Certificates to Linda Miles for The Making of the English Landscape by W G Hoskins, Kaori Maki for Sundry Pieces by George Herbert (shown here), Helen Schrager for Selected Poems by John Betjeman and Glenn Malkin for Ray Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man.

The exhibition runs at the St Bride Foundation until 27 November.

More info and a slideshow of the works here.