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Celebrating International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month


As well as many cultural organisations, ABA members and exhibitors at Firsts London (7 – 9 June) are celebrating this year’s International Women’s Day (8 March) and Women’s History Month in a variety of ways.  
Here’s a taster of some of the catalogues focusing on works by ground breaking women.  
Alembic Rare Books and Deborah Coltham Rare Books have joined forces to deliver Alembic’s first paper catalogue titled ‘Hunger of the Mind: Four Centuries of Women in the Sciences’, including over 100 items by and about women in the sciences. “Many of the entries illuminate women who don’t fit the dominant narrative of science as an enterprise driven by men and only a handful of exceptional women”.  Themes include the behind-the-scenes roles of women in scientific endeavours, including NASA missions and the field of medicine.  You can also read about how Laura Massey of Alembic got into bookselling on the Firsts London blog.  
In a catalogue simply called ‘Women’, Bernard Quaritch Ltd features a wide range of works from around the world including ‘Women in 19th Century Russia’ and ‘The Women’s Health Movement in Italy.’ As well as spanning the globe, the catalogue also spans the ages with works dating back to the 18th century.  
Peter Harrington Rare Books has also recently released ‘In Her Own Words: Works by Exceptional Women’ - from Sappho through Austen and Anne Brontë to Margaret Atwood and Maya Angelou.  Items included in the catalogue will be exhibited at Harrington’s Dover Street shop from Tuesday 26th February.  
Events celebrating the work of exceptional women in many different fields include: 
At London’s Southbank Centre activist and author Naomi Klein delivers her first major speaking engagement since being appointed the inaugural Gloria Steinem Endowed Chair in Media, Culture and Feminist Studies at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. 
The Wallace Collection in London recognises Lady Wallace (born Julie Amelie Charlotte Castelnau) who bequeathed the collection to the nation. 
The British Library presents ‘Women in Power’ featuring Gina Miller, Rachel Reeves and Helena Kennedy. 
The National Library of Scotland presents ‘Petticoats and Pinnacles Too’. Map, Mountaineering and Polar Collections Curator Paula Williams delves into the National Library's collections, from manuscripts to film to find out how Scottish women picked up their skirts and scaled the heights! 
The National Library of Ireland has an eclectic programme of lectures and talks including one of the politically active and social aware women in Ireland from 1916 – 1923.