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'Believe in the Power of the Book'


As we welcome in the New Year it has been a delight to see the sheer amount of positive stories that have emerged regarding the UK book trade, which has seen another rise for the fourth year in a row.
Physical books – when it was feared e-books would take over – are “Leading the entertainment pack’: UK print book sales rise again” (Alison Flood reports in The Guardian, 3rd Jan) which showed that the print book market has grown 2.1% in value and 0.3% in volume in 2018 – with almost 200 million books sold (Nielson BookScan). The Bookseller covers the Booksellers Association announcement on the growth of independent bookshops for a second year, after a 20-year decline” (also covered in the The Guardian, 7th Jan) After years of steep decline independent bookshops have suddenly risen by 15, whilst customer numbers have risen by 63.5%, demonstrating a sharp turn around.
This upturn in interest and sales of the printed book bodes well for our sector in the coming year as “The Joy of Holding a Good Book Will Never Go Out of Style.” (Good News Network, December 28th)