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ABA-IES Book Collecting Seminars 2017-8


This popular free seminar series returns for the 2017-8 academic year
All meetings are from 6 PM to 8 PM in Senate House Room G35, with exception of that in January, which is in Senate House Room 246.

Tuesday 14 November - Marysa De Veer (Otter Bookbinding) and Rob Shepherd (Shepherds Bookbinders): Collectors and Bookbinding. The speakers on this panel will examine issues including changing tastes in binding repair and collectors' tastes in new bindings.

Tuesday 9 January - Harriet Rix (University of Cambridge) and Dr. Geri della Rocca de Candal (University of Oxford): Student Bibliophiles at Oxford and Cambridge: a new generation of book collectors. The panel will explore the recent history of the Oxford Bibliophiles, originally active between 1950-2000, then restored in 2008, and of the Cambridge Bibliophiles, founded in early 2015. Over the past few years both Societies have often represented the first point of contact for young book collectors.

Tuesday 13 March - Dr. Richard Foster, Winchester College: Teaching and collecting in a small historic library. The Fellows' Library of Winchester College was established soon after the foundation of the school at the end of the 14th century. It has grown by purchase and donation over the past six centuries and now contains almost 10,000 rare books. This talk will consider the ways in which the library is integrated into the life of the school and its teaching. It will also examine the growth of the collection over the past few decades and the strategies for developing the collection of a small historic library on a small budget.

Tuesday 8 May - Dr. Kirsten MacLeod and Dr. Anke Timmermann: Before the Collection: Two perspectives on forming and working with collections. Kirsten MacLeod is a lecturer in English Literature at Newcastle University whose most recent publication is a major cultural and bibliographic study of American little magazines of the 1890s. She brings the perspectives of an academic, librarian, and collector to her research and will be talking about how this intersection of interests has been essential in recuperating and defining a largely neglected and unknown field of late-nineteenth century American print culture. Anke Timmermann is a historian of science-turned-antiquarian bookseller. As a manuscript scholar she worked on the history of alchemy and medicine, and in her final academic appointment as Munby Fellow in Bibliography at Cambridge, she re-discovered previously un- or misrecorded alchemical texts and images in Cambridge collections. She will talk about her experiences with collections as a scholar, and explain how, after joining the book trade, her understanding of the history of manuscripts, books, and collections has changed - and with it her approach to researching books and their stories.

Tuesday 10 July - Michael Meredith and Rachel Bond (Eton College Library) with recent Old Etonian speakers: Eton College Library and its young collectors. The speakers on this panel will explore the roles of Eton College Library, and the Savile Society, Eton's bibliophile club, in forming collecting habits of young people. Any enquiries please to abaiesbookcollecting@gmail.com or to ABA Office (admin@aba.org.uk).