Jonathan Frost Rare Books Limited

Jonathan Frost Rare Books Limited
We are antiquarian and rare book dealers based in Liverpool in the North-West of England. Though the ‘M’ of ‘J and M’ lives in Newark in the East Midlands … and we also have a representative in Greater London, so in fact we cover a lot of bases!

When describing our books, we attempt to list all significant defects in a concise and accurate manner. We will happily buy and sell any book that seems interesting or attractive, but we tend to loosely specialise in literary fiction, pre 1960. We also have a penchant for pre-war weird, science fiction and supernatural titles, and of course detective fiction, if only for the fun factor of the lurid artwork and sensationalist titles.

New stock is added every month and can be found on the recent acquisitions page, we also have a search function which should allow you to go straight to the specific author or title that you are seeking. Following on from that, if you have any specific wants we are always very happy to hear from you, and enjoy the challenge of seeking out rare and exotic titles.

We are also always looking to buy books, so if the excitement has gone from your relationship with certain titles and authors, or indeed your entire collection, then we will happily relieve you of them and find new and suitable homes. Likewise, if you have inherited a collection of books, or a single title that you think may be of value, contact us and we will advise you as to their value and where possible offer you a good price. Distance is no obstacle if the books are sufficiently exciting!

 3 Southdale Road, Liverpool, L15 4HX