For the Record

For the Record
The articles listed below offer an archived record of all the previous seminars in the monthly "Second Tuesday" Book Collecting series given at Senate House.  

The seminars are organised and sponsored jointly by the Institute of English Studies (London University) and the Rare Book Society. The seminars are held at 6pm - almost invariably on the second Tuesday of each month - during the academic year. They are free, open to the public and aimed at a broad audience including book-collectors, book-dealers, historians of all kinds, librarians, indeed at anyone with an interest in collecting any sort of text from the sixth-former to the retired professor. The atmosphere is informal, as are the presentations. 

Previous Seminars:

Book Collecting in Modern Times - Rick Gekoski
Book Collecting and the Web - Natalie Galustian, Justin Croft, Simon Beattie and Jonathan Kearns
Collecting Ephemera - Valerie Jackson-Harris
Collecting Bindings - Ed Bayntun-Coward
Collecting the Pre-Raphaelites - Paul Goldman 
Collecting Counter-Culture - Carl Williams
Collecting Autographs and Manuscripts - Julian Browning
Book Collecting - Jolyon Hudson
Science, Illustration and the Royal Society - Roger Gaskell
Forging Early Printed Books - Nicolas Barker
London in Maps - Laurence Worms
Collecting Medieval Manuscripts - Nicholas Poole-Wilson
Collecting John Camden Hotten - Simon Eliot
Collecting Children's Books - Brian Alderson
Cinderella of the Arts - Rob Shepherd
The Nineteenth-Century Novel - Brian Lake
Collecting the Distant World - Michael Graves-Johnston
The Obscure Origins, Wonderful Life, and Shock Death of the Railway Library - John Spiers
Censorship and the Limits of Bibliography and Collecting - Anthony Payne
Collecting Five Centuries of Printed Board Games - Adrian Seville
Taste and Technique in Book Collecting - Jim Hinck 
The Literature of Engineering - Julia Elton
Collecting Spanish Books - Leo Cadogan
Collecting Private Collection Catalogues - Charles Sebag-Montefiore
Collecting Private Press Books - David Chambers
A History of the 20th Century in 100 Maps - Tim Bryars and Tom Harper
Whither Bookshops? - Stephen Foster
Collecting Early Printed Books - Christopher Sokol
The Paris Pornographers - Neil Pearson
But Do You Actually Read Them? - Anthony Davis
Collecting Association Copies - Christopher Edwards
The Galsworthy Bubble and other Freaks of Fashion - Charles Cox
Collecting W. B. Yeats - Warwick Gould 
Collecting Private Press Books - Sophie Schneideman
Vultures of the Void - Philip Harbottle
The Education of a Book Collector - Jeremy Archer