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Collecting science books - The ‘Hows’, the ‘whys’

 02/12/2019 – 02/12/2019
Speakers: Dr. Elma Brenner (subject specialist, medieval and early modern medicine, Wellcome Library), Deborah Coltham (Deborah Coltham Rare Books Limited), Edwin Rose (PhD student, University of Cambridge, and prize-winning book collector).
The drive to collect is as old as time, and the motivating factors are myriad, each collector inspired by a combination of reasons. This is no less true for those of us compelled to seek out rare, important, and unusual books, manuscripts, and ephemera in the history of science and medicine.  The talks this evening will explore some of the motivations and criteria for buying, from three different perspectives, that of dealer, private collector, and institutional buyer, in so doing highlighting areas of commonality and difference.
(Attached are sample pictures that will be used at the seminar. They are from Wellcome MS. 8932, an early 15th-century folding almanac, and Wellcome EPB/61997/A (Questa operetta tracta del arte del ben morire (Venice: Johannes Baptista Sessa, after 22 March 1503)).