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ABA Past Presidents 1990-2000

David Brass (1990-1992)

David Brass served as ABA president in 1990-1992.

Hylton Bayntun-Coward (1992-1993)

Hylton Henry Bayntun-Coward (1932-2000) of George Bayntun in Bath was ABA president in 1980-1982 and again in 1992-1993.

Margaret Eaton (1993-1995)

Margaret Eaton served as president of the ABA in 1993-1995.

David Slade (1995-1996)

David Slade of Bristol was ABA president in 1995-1996.  

Peter Miller (1996-1998)

Peter Miller of Ken Spelman in York was ABA president in 1996-1998.

Paul Minet (1998-2000)

Paul Piers Brissault Minet FSA (1937-2012) was ABA president in 1998-2000. There is a tribute on the ILAB website on this link - Paul Minet (1937-2012).

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