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ABA Past Presidents 1970-1980

George Porter (1970-1971)

George E. C. Porter of Cambridge served as ABA president in 1970-1971.
Anthony Rota (1971-1972)

Anthony Bertram Rota (1932-2009) of Bertram Rota Ltd. served as ABA president in 1971-1972. James Fergusson's obituary in The Independent can be found on this link - Anthony Rota ...

Martin Hamlyn (1972-1973)

Martin G. Hamlyn served as ABA president in 1972-1973.

Ian R. Grant (1973-1974)

Ian R. Grant of the famous Edinburgh bookselling family was ABA president in 1954-1955 and again in 1973-1974. His wife Senga Grant served as president in 1986-1988. 

A. K. Russell (1974-1975)

A. K. Russell served as ABA president in 1974-1975.
C. K. Swann (1975-1976)

C. K. Swann served as ABA president in 1975-1976.
John Lawson (1976-1978)

John Lawson was ABA president in 1976-1978 and also served as president of ILAB in 1982-1984.  

Raymond Kilgarriff (1978-1980)

Raymond Kilgarriff became the third representative of Howes Bookshop of Hastings to become ABA president in 1978-1980. 

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