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ABA Past Presidents 1960-1970 

Jack Joseph (1960-1961)

Jack Joseph of the E. Joseph firm was ABA president in 1960-1961.

William R. Fletcher (1961-1962)

William Robert 'Bill' Fletcher (1906-1996) of H. M. Fletcher served as ABA president in 1961-1962. The annexed account of his life has been written by his son Keith Fletcher, himself ABA president in 1982-1984.  

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Herbert Marley (1962-1963)

Herbert Marley of William Dawson & Sons served as ABA president in 1962-1963.

Harold W. Edwards (1963-1964)

Harold William Edwards (1900-1986) served as ABA president in 1963-1964.
G. Edward Harris (1964-1965)

George Edward Harris was ABA president in 1964-1965.
Charles Kenyon Broadhurst (1965-1966)

Charles Kenyon Broadhurst (1899-1987) of Broadhurst's in Southport served as ABA president in 1965-1966.
Edmund Maxwell Dring (1966-1967)

Edmund Maxwell Dring (1906-1990) followed in the footsteps of his father, Edmund Hunt Dring, both at Bernard Quaritch Ltd. and in becoming president of the ABA.
F. T. Bowyer (1967-1968)

Tim Bowyer of Howes Bookshop in Hastings served as ABA president in 1967-1968. 
Stanley Crowe (1968-1969)

Stanley Crowe served as ABA president in 1968-1969.

Thomas Crowe (1969-1970)

Thomas Crowe of Norwich was the fiftieth ABA president in 1969-1970.
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