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ABA Past Presidents 1950-1960

Winifred Myers (1950-1952)

Winifred Alice Myers (1909-1985) served as ABA president in 1950-1952, as her father had done some years earlier.




J. E. Stanley Sawyer (1952-1953)

J. E. Stanley Sawyer served as ABA president in 1952-1953 and as president of ILAB in 1955-1957.

Charles Howes (1953-1954)

Charles Howes of Howes Bookshop in Hastings was ABA president in 1953-1954.

Ian R. Grant (1954-1955)

Ian R. Grant of the famous Edinburgh bookselling family was ABA president in 1954-1955 and again in 1973-1974. His wife Senga Grant served as president in 1986-1988. 

H. R. T. Williams (1955-1956)  

H. R. T. Williams of Bernard Quaritch Ltd. served as ABA president in 1955-1956.

Peter Murray Hill (1956-1957)

Peter Auriol Murray Hill, who served as ABA president in 1956-1957, was born on 20th April 1908 at Bushey in Hertfordshire, the son of George Murray Hill, a solicitor, and his second wife Ida Stogdon, who had married in 1907. 

Tall, handsome and charming, his first career was on the stage ...

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Thomas C. Thorp (1957-1958)

Thomas C. Thorp of the London and Guildford bookselling family was ABA president in 1957-1958.

Alan G. Thomas (1958-1959)

Alan Gradon Thomas (1911-1992) was born in Hampstead, North London, on the 19th October 1911 – the son of Albert Edward Thomas, a local newsagent and stationer, and his wife Evelyn Gradon, originally from Durham, who had married the previous year ...

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Harry Pratley (1959-1960)

Harry (Wilfred Henry) Pratley (1905-1987) of Tunbridge Wells was ABA president in 1959-1960.

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