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ABA Committees 2016

Book Trade and Library Liaison: Angus O’Neill, Brian Lake, Laurence Worms

Chelsea Book Fair: Graham York, Deb Clark, Giles Lyon, Geoff Tyson

Export of Books and Manuscripts: John Wilson, Daniel Crouch, Brian Lake

Fundraising: Open

Library and Archive: Roger Treglown

Management: Angus O’Neill, Michael Graves-Johnston, Rob Shepherd, Camilla Szymanowska, Laurence Worms

Membership: Anthony Smithson, Brian Lake

Newsletter: Camilla Szymanowska

Olympia Book Fair: Tony Fothergill, Jonathan Kearns, Brian Lake, Roger Treglown, Nick Trimming, Derek Walker

Planning and Services for members: John Randall, Simon Beattie, Tim Bryars, Leo Cadogan, Jonathan Fishburn, Nicholas McBurney, Camilla Szymanowska

Press and PR: Tim Bryars

Promotion, presentation and Design: Janette Ray

Security: Brian Lake

Social Events: Michael Graves-Johnston

Standards: Brian Lake, Tim Bryars, Angus O’Neill

Website: Jonathan Kearns, Beatie Wolfe, Michael Graves-Johnston, Jim Hinck, Simon Patterson


Scottish: Cooper Hay, Alan Grant, Elizabeth Strong

London and South East: Barbara Grigor-Taylor

South West: Steve Liddle, Christopher Saunders, Graham York

Northern: Roger Treglown


Benevolent Fund  Trustees: Peter Miller, Rob Shepherd, Adrian Harrington 

Educational Trust Trustees: Adam Douglas, Jean Hedger, Leo Cadogan, Justin Croft, Barbara Grigor-Taylor,  Anthony Smithson, Rob Shepherd